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Ensuring compliance in the workplace

As an employer, one of your key priorities will be to, in one way or another, ensure compliance in the workplace. Noncompliant employees cost the company in lack of efficiency, hiring and firing costs and can potentially lead to expensive lawsuits. It also costs the company in invaluable factors such as the retainment of a positive culture and employee morale.

Legal issues common among staffing agencies

If you own and operate your own staffing agency, you face unique liability issues that differ broadly from those faced by many traditional businesses. In addition to having to comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to taxes, employee benefits and so on, you also must worry about potential liabilities and lawsuits. Because the nature of your industry makes your business something of a “middleman” between professionals and businesses seeking assistance, you face considerable exposure to legal issues.

What are the benefits of mediation?

When employees have disputes with their employers and file a complaint, employers may want to consider an attorney-led mediation process. This can help resolve the disputes so that both parties can focus on their business relationship without the hassle of a court case.

Why discrimination lawsuits are on the rise

There is no real positive thing that can come out of an employment discrimination lawsuit other than hindsight. A lawsuit, whether win or lose, can result in a tarnished reputation for your company. It can also mean very high costs for something that is easily prevented.

The dangers of oil and gas extraction

If you participate in oil and gas extraction activities as part of your work activities, then you will be aware that there are some risks and dangers associated to them. However, your employer has the legal duty to mitigate these risks as much as is reasonably possible. There are also many protections in place for you as an oil and gas extraction worker.

Accommodating the needs of disabled employees

As an employer, you will know that it is illegal for you to discriminate against disabled employees. This is true for both the hiring and selection process, but also for accommodating the needs of disabled employees once they are employed. The way that you accommodate these needs will depend largely on the nature of the disability that a person has. However, in order to avoid costly lawsuits, it is important that you know in detail the duties that you have as an employer.