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Drafting a noncompete agreement that can be enforced

As an employer, it can be difficult to keep on top of all the paperwork that should be in place to protect you. It is likely that many of your employees hold information that is vital to your company, and it is extremely important that none of this information gets into the hands of competitors.

How to prevent your business partnership from failing

One step in the process of establishing a business is deciding on its structure, such as sole proprietorship or an LLC. Perhaps you are thinking of switching entities. Either way, you may choose to go with a partnership for its benefits of sharing responsibilities and bringing qualities and experience you lack. 

How to protect the company when terminating an employee

Running a business, no matter its size, takes a lot of care and compliance. You have to ensure that the company is following all employment rules and regulations laid out by various agencies. One place where companies get into quite a bit of trouble is the termination of employees. Here's how to protect the company when terminating an employee in Pennsylvania.