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Making layoffs without legal backlash

As an employer, you will likely go through cycles of expansion and contraction. Sometimes the strength of your industry will mean that you need to hire large quantities of people to meet demands, and other times you may find yourself losing money while employees have little work to perform.

How unconscious bias training can help employers

Making judgments quickly through generalization is part of the human psychology. To process information quickly and efficiently to make decisions throughout the day, the brain tends to create stereotypes that are shaped by experiences and information absorbed over a lifetime. This information that the brain uses to create generalizations may be true or false, and it is often unconsciously held. It frequently comes from dubious sources such as our parents' beliefs and what we've seen on television.

Make sure that you are not liable for employing underage workers

As an employer, it is likely that you employ people at many different levels, from experienced seniors to entry level workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has put in place many measures for making sure that workers are not employed too young, and that children are protected from performing hazardous or stressful jobs.

Defending your business against a retaliation accusation

As an employer, it is inevitable that you will occasionally have to deal with employee disputes. While these disputes are probably impossible to avoid completely, it is possible to deal with them in an effective and successful way if you have the right mindset and procedures in place.