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Employee pay must be in line with legal requirements

Your employees count on receiving the correct wages so that they can pay their bills and meet their needs. One of the fastest ways that you can end up with negative publicity from those employees is to pay them incorrectly. As an employer, it's far better to make sure that you avoid that bad publicity -- and the litigation that can go with it -- by strictly adhering to wage and hour laws, including those set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Policies regarding pregnancy must comply with specific laws

Women who are pregnant will sometimes worry about having to tell their employer that they are pregnant because they might think that the announcement will result in negative employment actions. You must make it clear in your company that it is illegal for anyone to take that type of action because of a pregnancy.

Clear employment policies can prevent many potential issues

A company's most valuable asset is the employees who work for it. That is until an employee decides that they are upset with the business and starts to cause legal troubles. When you are in charge of running a company that employs people, you have to ensure that the people who work for you are being treated in a manner that is compliant with applicable laws.

Claims of retaliation can damage a business

One of the most troubling accusations that your company might face at some point is that you retaliated against an employee. Claims of retaliation are taken very seriously and must be given the attention they deserve. Because of the chance of a current or former employee making this claim, you should ensure that you are keeping accurate and comprehensive records for everyone who works for you.