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Know when you're required to give an employee leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one that helps employees to focus on personal situations when they're serious enough to meet the requirements of the act. It is imperative that employers know what these protections are so they can ensure they are treating employees properly under the act. Failing to handle FMLA cases properly can mean that you're facing fines and other serious actions.

Written policies help prevent misunderstandings with employees

The policies you set for your company have to be in the business' best interests, but there are legal limits to what you can set. You must ensure that the guidelines you set don't go against any employee rights laws. Preventing your company from having to face legal action from a disgruntled employee is a big undertaking, but we are here to help you through the process.

Protect your business against claims of retaliation

Employees have very specific rights when they are working. One of these is that they shouldn't have to work with the fear of being retaliated against when they make a complaint against something illegal that's going on within the business. You must have a specific plan to combat the possibility of retaliation happening.

Policies protect your company from legal actions

Protecting your company is a priority, and you are one of the best people who can do this based on the fact that you are the business owner. It is imperative that you take the steps that are necessary to ensure that everyone in your company has what they need to do their jobs without having any legal missteps.