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Understanding how to handle on-call hours

Employers have to ensure they're paying their employees the proper amounts. One area that often causes some issues is when you have an employee available on-call. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers what should happen with these employees. It's imperative that you accurately determine whether employees who are on-call should be paid for those hours or not.

Protect your company from employment litigation issues

The employees you hire have duties to perform for your company, but your business also has to meet its obligations. When both parties do what they're supposed to do, there shouldn't be any issues. The problems begin when one party doesn't meet their obligations. This can lead to considerable challenges for your company, no matter which party isn't meeting their obligations.

Set clear standards to help protect your business

Part of being able to protect your business from litigation is having staff members who can handle complaints and situations in an appropriate manner. This training works in conjunction with properly written policies that outline what's allowed at your business and how specific situations will be handled.