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FLSA: Employers, the Courts and Private Settlements

No matter how an employer choses to handle an FLSA complaint, it is important to know that the FLSA requires the Department of Labor to supervise all potential violation settlements. This means that employees who receive severance packages or conditioned settlement agreements that purport to release all employment-related claims, may have not effectively released all of their claims under the FLSA.

Lessons from Wal-Mart: The Importance of Keeping Accurate Employee Records

For decades, Wal-Mart has been an enormously successful, if not controversial, corporation. Wal-Mart has been lauded for their efficiency and lasting profitability. However, due to poor employee policies and payroll record keeping, the Wal-Mart has been besieged with costly employment lawsuits claiming the company has failed to compensate employees in accordance with state and federal laws.