What should be in your employee handbook?

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An employee handbook is a good way to avoid misunderstandings and to welcome new employees into your company. A well-written handbook will clear up details of working for you and outline general expectations within your work environment.

The handbook also serves as a way to inform and assist new employees. SCORE explains every business should customize its employee handbook because it needs to be specific to the company. Start with ensuring it is in the right voice to represent your company culture and include details that are most important to your business.

Main points

Your handbook, at minimum, should make sure to outline the main goals and views of your business. You want the employee to understand what you are trying to accomplish as a company. It could be as simple as providing delicious treats to customers, but it should be a direct and clear mission statement.

You also want to include general employment topics. This information will include break policies, time off procedures, dress code, scheduling and other details that will be essential for an employee to know. You can include information about benefits as well.

Other details

Your handbook should also address information about safety, security, harassment, discrimination and general policies. You want to outline your code of conduct as well. Touch on electronic use rules and your conflict and discipline policy.

While you want your handbook to be complete and concise, you should also make employees aware it does not constitute an agreement or formal contract. Somewhere in your handbook, make sure to state that this is for information purposes only. You should always do formal paperwork to create the employment agreement.