Do pregnant workers still face discrimination?

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Today, we live in a world of rapidly expanding technology that affects and improves all areas of life. This includes the modern workplace, which has more benefits than ever before.

Unfortunately, however, many of the problems from days gone by still exist even in the most modern of workplaces. This includes discrimination against protected groups, such as pregnant workers.

Why employers discriminate against pregnant workers

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses discrimination that pregnant workers face on the job and in the hiring process. Unfortunately, many employers have a preconceived notion about pregnant workers, especially in regard to their longevity and use as employees. Basically, people assume that a pregnant worker will quit soon after giving birth, or that they cannot give as much as an able-bodied employee and thus have less use.

Federal law prohibits overlooking an applicant just due to a pregnancy. Likewise, even in at-will employment states, an employer cannot fire an employee just for a pregnancy.

Tactics for circumventing protections

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways that employers will try to circumvent these laws. For example, if they want a pregnant employer to quit, they may cease discussions of promotions or raises, even if those things were in progress before the pregnancy.

They may also create a hostile work environment by excluding the pregnant worker in increasingly noticeable ways, all the way up to excluding them from important company meetings.

Employers hiring workers may find numerous other reasons to say that a pregnant worker did not make the cut. Thus, it is sometimes hard for employees to argue for a case of discrimination, and why they may need aid.