Protecting your business against allegations of discrimination

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An allegation of discrimination has the potential to derail your Pennsylvania business, taking valuable time and money away from operating it. However, there are certain steps you might take while running your business to lower the chances of a discrimination-related lawsuit arising.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an important step in avoiding discrimination claims involves making sure everyone who works for you is aware of and understands your discrimination-related rules and policies. Consider doing the following to help ensure that this happens.

Define “discrimination” and your company’s policies against it

Make sure everyone who works for you knows that you do not tolerate discrimination in any form. Define “discrimination” when outlining your policies, and provide several examples. It is also wise to put these policies in writing. Having them in an employee handbook or something similar, and then having all employees sign it, may go a long way at helping your business avoid discrimination claims.

Outline your business’s policies on reporting discrimination

Your business should also have a set way for employees to report instances of discrimination. Make sure everyone knows who to contact when such a complaint arises. You should also share the information workers should include when making complaints. Make it clear, too, that your workers may remain anonymous when reporting instances of discrimination. You may also want to tell them they are not going to face retaliation or other sanctions for reporting discrimination internally.

Having clear anti-discrimination policies outlined gives your employees the impression that you value them and want to create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable.