Your options for resolving a non-compete contract dispute

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When hiring or promoting employees to a position in which they become privy to company secrets, it can be wise to require the signing of a non-compete agreement. This contract prevents the employee from working with your competitors while under your employment and from sharing sensitive information even after they leave your company.

If a current or prior employee violates a non-compete agreement, however, it may call for strict business litigation. Knowing your options for resolving a non-compete contract dispute can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve when valuable secrets reach the competition.

Prove the occurrence of a non-compete violation

The type of evidence you need to prove the violation of a non-compete agreement can vary depending on the nature of the violation. For example, phone records can be instrumental in certain cases. Your employment law legal team can help you identify and collect the relevant material as you prepare to advocate for your interests in the courtroom or through other resolution methods.

Determine if litigation is the best option

Taking your contract dispute to court can be the best way to secure rightful compensation, especially if the violation in question is particularly severe. However, other resolution options are viable if you wish to keep matters amicable or discreet. Mediation and arbitration can both be effective means of settling disputes outside of court.

Regardless of the method you choose for resolving a non-compete contract dispute, having an employment law attorney on your side is crucial. Your legal advocate can represent you and build your case to an extent that gives you the best chance at a favorable outcome.