How to protect the company when terminating an employee

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Running a business, no matter its size, takes a lot of care and compliance. You have to ensure that the company is following all employment rules and regulations laid out by various agencies. One place where companies get into quite a bit of trouble is the termination of employees. Here’s how to protect the company when terminating an employee in Pennsylvania.

Either the employee’s direct supervisor or someone from human resources should be documenting as much as possible in writing. This includes any meetings held with the employee, disciplinary actions taken or written warnings issued.

It should also be in writing as to what will happen to the employee if he or she does not improve his or her job performance or change his or her actions or attitudes. This document should be signed by the employee, the employee’s supervisor and a representative from human resources.

When the time comes to terminate the employee, it should be done with a third party in the room to serve as a witness. This will help to prevent a “he-said, she-said” scenario should a lawsuit be filed against the company.

The employee should be issued a termination letter during this meeting. The letter should clearly define why the employee was terminated. The letter should also outline legal ramifications of them slandering the company.

Never discuss the termination details with anyone other than the stakeholders of the company, who should be notified whenever someone is hired, fired, promoted or demoted.

If your company follows the tips outlined in this post, you should be pretty well-protected if an employee tries to sue you after being terminated in Pittsburgh. You can’t completely protect yourself and prevent litigation, but you will be able to put yourself in a good situation if you practice these tips.