4 things employers can do to prevent racism in the workplace

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When you run your own business, you want it to be as successful as possible. Not only do you want to succeed financially, but you want the everyday operations of your company to thrive. You desire for your employees to work in a happy, comfortable and safe environment.

Unfortunately, racism is still a prevalent issue that plagues many workplaces. Thankfully, there are many steps you can take to combat race, color and gender discrimination at your business. Here are some easy actions you can take to ensure your business is an accepting place to work.

1. Create a policy

While there are laws that exist to protect employees from racism, you can go the extra mile. One of the most effective ways to prevent racism at work is by creating an anti-discrimination policy. You can inform all employees of the policy, which should include disciplinary consequences for people who violate it.

2. Hire diverse employees

One great way to reduce the likelihood of racist acts at your business is by developing a diverse workforce. Be diligent in hiring candidates from various ethnic groups and races. This will help employees from particular races or ethnicities from feeling left out.

3. Hold training sessions on discrimination

While it may seem obvious that discrimination is wrong, some people need reminders. Discrimination can often be subtle and sometimes all people need is a simple education. You can hold regular training seminars to ensure racism does not take place at your company. You can hold training classes annually, semi-annually or even quarterly.

4. Respond to reports promptly

If one of your employees complains about a discrimination issue, make sure you listen carefully and respond immediately. Show your workers that you care about establishing a welcoming environment. Follow up on reports of racial discrimination and take action against perpetrators when necessary.

If you implement these guidelines into your workplace, you can avoid discrimination lawsuits.