Preventing workplace discrimination claims

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Considering the current climate within the country, people are quite sensitive to actions of discrimination. Accusations of discrimination in the workplace can have strong consequences, even if they are not true.

Therefore, discrimination is an important employment law matter. There are a few aspects to be aware of that can help to prevent workplace discrimination claims.

Know the laws

Knowledge is one of the best means of preventing various infractions, including instances of discrimination. Antidiscrimination laws are in place to ensure that certain people do not experience discrimination. These individuals belong to protected classes, which the government created due to previous discrimination issues. Though most people are familiar with antidiscrimination laws, not all are familiar with all of them. Along with the federal laws, there may also be additional state and local laws to consider.

Incorporate training

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides employee tips to prevent discrimination. It may be beneficial to utilize these and other practices to build a successful training program. The training should also incorporate related company policies. However, a quality training program should not only state what a party should not do but also provide understanding for why it is not appropriate.

Instill proper policies and protocol

Along with the legal regulations, it is a good practice to have additional company policies in place to identify and discourage discriminatory acts. These policies may not only denote discriminatory acts that employees must avoid but also other employees’ responsibility to report discrimination they may witness. In the case that discrimination does still occur, it is important to have proper protocol in place for how the company should handle reports of discrimination. Properly handling the reports may help to prevent discrimination claims against the company.

By understanding and implementing these and other preventative measures, you may be able to eliminate the possibility of workplace discrimination claims in your business. It may also be beneficial to review the discrimination laws in full.