Responding to EEOC complaints

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Employer Liability Prevention |

When a complaint is made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against your company, you will need to defend against that charge. You will receive notification within 10 days of the complaint being made. Remember that this is nothing more than notification that there are allegations against you. It doesn’t mean that you have been found guilty, so you should start to find ways to defend against the accusations.

Once the EEOC has the complaint, they will determine how it can be resolved. You will be notified by the EEOC if the case is eligible for resolution through mediation or a settlement. These two methods are both fully voluntary.

In order to complete the investigation, the EEOC will ask you for information about the matter. There are several things that might happen to make this possible.

You might be asked to allow a representative to visit the company to try to gather information. During this visit, you may be asked to provide certain documentation for the person to view or even copy.

You may be asked to give information that will make witness interviews possible. You can have someone in the room when the EEOC interviews employees in management, but not when they interview non-management personnel.

You might be asked to give a statement of position or to respond to a request for information. Both of these are done so you can present your side of the matter. Providing the information asked for quickly might help you resolve the matter more rapidly. You should also ensure that you work closely with your legal team throughout the process.