Set the tone for your company with a handbook

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Employer Liability Prevention |

Many things can lead to an employer facing litigation. One option that you have to combat some of these is to have the rules and guidelines for the company spelled out clearly in a handbook. This gives employees a look at what’s allowed and what isn’t. From there, you can fine tune the specifics of the handbook so that it meets the needs of all employees.

By creating an employee handbook, you are setting expectations for them. You are letting them know that you mean business. Interestingly, only around 87% of small businesses that have from 10 to 200 employees have a handbook established.

In the handbook, you should include general safety protocol that applies no matter what a person’s position is with the company. Think about the hazards that employees face on the job. You can start by addressing those points so that you can at least know that the kids are safe.

You should include a code of conduct in the handbook. At a minimum, this part should discuss the policies that you have in place that forbid discrimination and harassment. You might also include a dress code and an anti-drug policy.

The handbook should also outline what is going to happen to an employee if they refuse to follow the code. The disciplinary actions must be included so that the person can’t allege you targeted them for whatever reason.

As your business grows and continues to march forward, you can review your handbook and determine whether you need to change it. You might find that obvious updates come with time, so make those when you determine they are necessary.