Documented employment actions help in the event of litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Employment Litigation |

One of the most dreaded duties of management is having to terminate an employee, but this isn’t always something that you can avoid. When the time comes to handle this duty, make sure that you have everything in order to make sure that the company doesn’t face litigation because of the termination. If your company does face a claim, being able to combat it becomes the priority.

A former employee might claim wrongful termination even when they were let go for a valid cause. In fact, Pennsylvania is a right to work state, which means that employers can terminate employees without reason. This might put your fears to rest about wrongful termination, but there is still a fine line that you can’t cross.

Employees can’t face negative employment actions for exercising their legal rights. This includes things like making a complaint about discrimination or making a whistleblower report. For this reason, you should ensure that any termination is carefully documented. You should also have clear guidelines that forbid any form of retaliation.

We know that the specifics of each case can vary greatly. When you are trying to avoid litigation, ample documentation is critical. For example, you should have clear examples of the reason for the termination if you claim the worker had an unsatisfactory work history.

We realize that there are sometimes oversights that occur. If you have a former employee claiming wrongful termination, we can review the file and help you discover what options you have. We know that your goal is to protect your business, and we will work toward that with you.