Potential business liabilities are wide-ranging

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Employer Liability Prevention |

Two types of liability that commonly affect businesses are personal injury accidents and issues with hiring and employment practices. Fortunately, commercial liability insurance can help manage such risks by covering the costs of damages in legitimate cases, but it always helps when the business owner and management take reasonable precautions.

Personal injury and business liability

No matter how well a place of business operates, slip-and-falls and other personal injury accidents occur. Employer liability prevention  businesses to provide a reasonably safe environment, but even the best-maintained location will have accidents occur. So long as the business owner took reasonable steps to train workers and keep the place maintained and safe for others, insurance protection can cover losses.

Employment practices might trigger discrimination claims

It is possible to discriminate against one or more workers based on race, gender, sexual orientation and many other ways. What one person thinks is fair another might view as discrimination and possibly file a lawsuit or a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Proper training and ensuring fairness in hiring, training, supervision and job advancement can help to mitigate potential employment practices issues.

A Philadelphia attorney experienced in employer liability prevention can help provide guidance on potential risks and help to defend against legal claims. So long as you take reasonable steps to avoid liability, a good attorney and law firm can help provide effective legal defense.