Are you liable for an office party mishap?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Employment Litigation |

One of the realities of owning or managing a Pennsylvania business is putting yourself at risk of getting sued if accidents occur that are related to the workplace. Office parties can lead to drunk driving, sexual harassment and other criminal behavior. There are steps you can take to reduce such behavior and reduce your liability.

Could your office party expose you to lawsuits? Tips for reducing liability

Most employers want their team to feel appreciated and valued, which makes office parties a great way of spending time with employees. Unfortunately, hosting office parties can also expose you to employment law litigation if accidents occur or viruses spread at a work event. Although there’s always a risk of lawsuits, you can minimize your liability by reminding employees to act responsibly.

Avoid making attendance a requirement. If you choose to serve alcohol, request for everyone to drink responsibly and avoid too much alcohol intake. You can even limit the number of drinks each person can order to prevent intoxication, which can lead to accidents.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

You may want to contact a legal firm to learn more about how to minimize your risk of lawsuits the next time you host an office party. You may also need a legal defense team if you’re sued by an employee and want to protect yourself and your business. An employment law attorney may inform you of your rights and review the evidence to determine the facts of the case to improve the outcome in your favor.