Dram Shop Defense Attorneys

Dram shop liability is a rising source of concern for alcohol-serving establishments and their insurance providers. With dram shop laws constantly evolving, skilled insurance defense representation is a valuable asset.

At Hardin Thompson PC, we have significant experience defending against dram shop liability claims for clients in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Our dram shop defense lawyers have the skill and experience to protect your rights and interests in this matter.

Defending Against Dram Shop Claims

We handle a broad range of dram shop claims, including those arising from motor vehicle accidents, assaults and other alleged wrongdoing by patrons of alcohol serving establishments.

Dram shop cases are often highly technical, hinging on factors such as the body’s rate of metabolizing alcohol. Our law firm has access to leading medical experts who help us investigate and present compelling cases for our clients.

We are trial lawyers well-versed in successful dram shop liability defense strategies. We are always prepared to defend against dram shop liability claims in court. Our experience and preparation give us the ability to either settle successfully or win at trial.

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