Your Front Line For Fraud Prevention

First-party claims involving a natural disaster are ripe for fraud. This may involve a policyholder overstating the damage in a hail- or storm-damage claim or blatantly falsifying a claim.

At Hardin Thompson PC, we have more than 25 collective years of experience assisting insurers to proactively prevent fraudulent claims. We also respond reactively to address falsified claims. Our multiple offices in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Tampa and New York are a testament to the widespread trust and acclaim that we have earned from our clients.

Taking On Fraud Of All Sizes

When catastrophe-related first-party claims involve fraud, the perpetrator is often a homeowner or contractor hoping to take advantage of their insurance company to make some money. We are insurance defense lawyers who regularly see claims involving:

  • Inflated (“padded”) damages
  • Misrepresented facts
  • Staged property damage
  • Injuries or property damage that did not happen

Even if a claim involves only one individual who hopes to line their pockets a bit, we take it as seriously as we do claims involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. As reputable litigation attorneys, we are prepared to litigate even the most complex causes of insurance fraud. Trials are not empty threats for us; we thrive on them.

Invaluable Insurance Industry Experience

Our considerable time practicing insurance law gives us detailed knowledge of the insurance industry that few others can claim. We know what the red flags are for fraudulent claims. Once we spot them, we gather evidence thoroughly to give you the grounds to deny the claim or pursue escalated measures against the perpetrator. Through our combination of hard-earned knowledge and well-honed instinct, we can distinguish and expose potential insurance fraud.

Learn How We Can Help You Prevent Fraud

Work with us to prevent fraud and protect your bottom line. To discuss representation regarding insurance fraud defense, get in touch with us at Hardin Thompson PC. To set up an initial consultation, please us toll-free at 412-315-7195 or send us an email.